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I first visited the church of St Bartholomew at Newborough on a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon during the winter of 2008. Had started off at Thorney Abbey before moving on to Eye and then on to Newborough. Made a return trip during the summer of 2014, just as the daylight had begun to fade.

   To be truthful, there is not a great deal here to interest me, and virtually no information on the internet. Work on building this church began in 1823, and continued until 1830. There are two bells hanging here, both dated 1895 and cast by John Warner and Son. I am assuming that they were re-castings of earlier bells but am not sure. The church was closed to visitors.

  And that folks is just about it sadly. I always try to research the history of the churches I visit, and, believe it or not, I try to make them interesting! This one has beaten me though.If anyone from St Bartholomew's reads this and has some historical information, I would love to hear from you.