Photographs on this page are as follows. Top left, rural Northants and the spire of St Peter at Oundle in the distance.. To the right of that, a sunny afternoon, a camper van and All Saints church, Easton On The Hill.  Immediately above to the left, a carved head bathed in sunlight at St Peter, Lutton.

Pictured opposite left, a figure stands on a skull and points upwards to heaven, this being a small section of an elaborate grave at St Peter, Maxey. Below right, a close up of a monument at St Mary The Virgin, Marholm.





My second church photograph website was launched in mid January 2015. This will be run in addition to the original site and will be looking at my top 100 favourite churches visited.

This site will build slowly and will probably be a two year project. Just click on the photograph opposite to be taken to the new site. Thanks and best wishes.

Robin Peel

site owner.

As mentioned earlier, this site is mainly concerned with village churches within a 20 miles radius of Peterborough. I have taken a few liberties with this and have included one or two larger places, such as Crowland, Whittlesey, Oundle, Thrapston and Empingham but for the most part this site is not overly concerned with churches in larger built up areas.

     Several small villages, which have been "swallowed" up by the growth of Peterborough are included. These include Woodston, Fletton, Stanground, Werrington, Paston, Longthorpe and Dogsthorpe.

    The villages whose churches I have photographed are grouped together alphabetically in the tabs that go across the top of the page. Just scroll down under the correct tab to find the village church that you are looking for.

     If you seen photographs of your church on this site, and would like to have them for your own church fund raising, then please ask. I am very happy to let my work be used with no charge for church fundraising.

 A message board can be found by scrolling down under the WELCOME tab. Please free to leave me a message.

   There is also a list of recent site additions and a list of churches included, each of which can be accessed by scrolling down under the WELCOME tab.   

You can contact me at   [email protected]


This site is basically just a snapshot album of my travels. You will not find any searing insight on church I do not have any searing insights to give! Nearly everyone who travels around the countryside taking photographs of churches will doubtless have a better working knowledge of the sibject than myself! I enjoy getting out, enjoy taking photographs, and find a great interest in churches and churchyards. Where historical details from a church are included these have either been researched from the internet or gleaned from history booklets that are sometimes available in the churches. 

If you have enjoyed looking at the site please let me know...and if you haven't enjoyed it please let me know again and say why so that I can try and make it better.

 A thank you is in order for those who have already contacted me and those who I have met on my travels and who have taken time out to show me things that I would otherwise have missed and made me welcome.







.....A celebration of the beauty of the English parish church....

Thank you for taking a look at my website, which takes a look at the parish churches within a rough twenty mile radius of Peterborough in the United Kingdom. I hope that you enjoy looking around, please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.

   The idea behind this site came in to being in 2006, when I was following a football club around the country. I always used to look out for the parish churches on the journey and got to thinking that it might be an idea to put together a website taking a look at the churches in my area.

    This is the record of my travels. I do not claim to be a great photographer, or to have great camera equipment. I do not claim to know a massive amount about church architecture. What I hope is that people looking at this site will pick up the great enthusiasm that I have for what I am doing, and will realise the great love that I have for the area covered by this site.

  All best wishes,    

Robin Peel      website owner....

collyweston 1 elton6 Maxey grave 1 LUT9 Marholm 7 oundle8 Castor churchyard blatherwycke 1

Pictured left, close up detail from the font at the church of St Mary The Virgin, Wansford. Below left, fabulous stained glass at the redundant church of Holy Trinity at Blatherwycke. Below right, a cold winters day at St Kyneburgha, Castor.