As mentioned on the home page to this site, I started off this web site after travelling around the country with my football team, Stamford AFC, and visiting some very beautiful places on our travels. I was interested in seeing the ancient English parish church set in a picturesque setting.

   However, this is only part of the reason for starting the site. Late in the Summer of 2006, I was struggling quite badly with some health problems following the death of my father John some time before. I had done my best to look after him, whilst his health was failing, whilst continuing to work as full time as I could. In the end he died in front of me, in very traumatic circumstances, and I ended up suffering with some pretty bad stress problems.

   This affected my entire life and I tried very hard to cope, sometimes successfully, but more often that not I struggled to do much at all.

    Someone recommended that I take long walks and this did no end of good. I can remember walking from my village, Chesterton, to Castor, and sitting in the church there, and for the first time in many months I felt at ease and free from stress.


A gradual love of churches, and church architecture, grew from that until it got to the stage where the first thing that I did when arriving at a strange place was to look for the local church.

    This is just a genuine love of old Parish village churches, with the site giving me a reason to go out to some lovely villages in my locality that I had never visited before. This has turned out to have more benefit to my health than any medication had, as it occupies my mind and, in todays parlance "chills me out!".


   So, if you live in one of the villages covered in this site, and see me out and about  taking photographs, please come up and say hello.


   When I started this site I thought that it would just be a case of drawing a circle around Peterborough and visiting every church within that circle. Not so though, at times the circle more resembled an Octagon as I found more and more places that I wanted to visit. Obviously a line had to be drawn somewhere, and I ended up re-drawing the catchment area of the site in May 2007.


   For the reasons mentioned above, this site is very important to me, and I would like to thank all of those who have contributed photographs, helped with research, vitied the site on a one off or regular basis and generally showed an interest. Thanks also to those connected with various churches who have shown me around and who obviously have a great love for the church that they are connected with.


    Contained in the pages of this web site, you will find photographs of the interior (where possible) and exterior of the various churches. I will also include photographs of anything unusual that catches my eye. I have a particular love of gargoyles and unusual graves. There will be plenty of those covered as well.


    If anyone reading this has any ideals or suggestions, then please get in touch. If you are a church warden in the area and would like to see your church covered, then again please drop me a line. If you run a church related web site yourself and would like to trade links, again please get in touch. If I have visited your church and there is anything glaringly obvious missed out then please E Mail me and have a go!!


Best wishes

Robin Peel

site owner


[email protected]

Robin Cotterstock churchcrawler and friend