A glorious Saturday in mid May 2007, and a respite from a damp spell which had curtailed my travelling somewhat in the two weeks previous.

   It was also Cup Final Saturday, and I staged a one man protest against the professional football in this country by not taking the slightest interest, instead going on a churchcrawl which took in five churches, three in Lincolnshire and two in Rutland.

    As this was a fair trek from my home in Chesterton, I did this crawl partly by public transport, I say partly as a miserly one bus every three hours meant that after I had got off at Witham On The Hill, I ended up walking to neighbouring Carlby, Essendine and Ryhall! I can safely say that I would rather cycle 40 miles than walk six!!

   Witham On The Hill is a very picturesque village not all that far from Bourne. Very nice setting (could have done without the car being parked in front of the church though...no consideration some people!!). Main problem here was that the wind was so high, it was difficult to actually hold the camera still to take the photographs...flashbacks to last Winter at Crowland Abbey when I literally had to brace myself against a wall at one point to get some photographs taken!

 The church was open and a postcard was on sale. Nice inside, large interior, bright and welcoming. Very pleasant stained glass to be found in this one. Interesting to hear that the church tower and spire were re-built in the mid 1700's after the earlier ones collapsed!

    Highlights here for me were on the exterior. A quite exquisite grave was to be seen which included figures of a Monk, a Piper, and a faithful dog!

   Also catching the eye was the figure over the porch, in a recess holding a book, with  fabulous Norman style  dog tooth edging around the recess.

   Unusual ornamentation to be found on each of the four corners of the tower. Can't really decide what they represent...anyone any ideas?

    An extremely pleasant 45 minutes spent here, next church the nearby Carlby...which was to prove of considerably less interest sadly!

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